Active Directory Authentication

Active Directory Authentication

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Manage machine access and authenticate users with existing Microsoft Active Directory logins.


Users authenticate at the front panel of the machine by entering Active Directory credentials.

Brother devices can be incorporated into a network running Active Directory for secure authentication. This enables administrators to manage who has machine access from the Active Directory console. No need to make any changes at the machine as users are added or removed.

In addition to controlling access to the machine, this feature will hold print jobs until a user enters their Active Directory username and password.

If the admin has assigned a network folder for an Active Directory user when they logged in, the user can scan documents directly to a designated folder using the Send to My Folder selection or use the Send to My Email selection and individual email addresses will automatically be populated from Active Directory.

Use Case

Environments running Microsoft Active Directory that are looking to protect important document workflows by requiring users to authenticate at the machine before they can access the machine features.

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