The Customer

Founded in 1940s in Seville, Southern Spain, Soto Café is a pioneer in the packaging of sugar in Andalusia. Started as a distributor for boxed sugar, their company has expanded their operations to include distribution of coffee-related products for the food and hospitality industry.

The Challenge

Soto Café needs to improve their route accounting process for their drivers who need to generate delivery notes and invoices on the road for every merchandise delivery made to their customers. Their old processes were unable to cater to their customers’ needs which will affect their corporate image.

Previously, their drivers had used a direct thermal mobile printer for printing out their documents. Their document was in three-inch size which was too small to include all their necessary information, making it difficult to read and archive for their customers.

The Solution

Soto Café has selected Brother’s PJ-762 portable thermal mobile printers to cut down their unnecessary expense incurred by their previous solution and produces more professional-looking documents in A4 size. Printing can take place from virtually anywhere using a Bluetooth connection and Android device.

Soto Café has also purchased optional accessories such as PVC cases and in-vehicle chargers for their convenience which has complemented with their on-site printing. They do not need to travel back to their office to charge their batteries, reduce the need for frequently of changing supplies which have improved their productivity and increase customers’ satisfaction.


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