Smooth it
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The Customer

Smooth it was opened in Turku, Finland in July 2015.

The Challenge

Their bars were located in the food stores initially. They used to use the stores’ scales to print labels. Their labels were printed out manually in each store and were of different label design formats.

Within 5 years, they have expanded to 15 stores. As their operation has also expanded with a food preparation kitchen, they require a labelling solution that could cope up with their operations.

The Solution

Smooth it has worked with Brother corporate solution team on their requirement. Brother’s team had designed their labels with contact details, EAN code and contents. Their labels were pre-printed from TD-2130N beforehand for their smoothie and ingredients.

With Brother’s labelling solution, they could get their products out to sell quickly as their evening shift staff could pre-print the date on their labels the day before, making their workflow easier, especially for their morning shift staff. As their products are locally produced, they do not want their labels to look too industrialize. Their labels printed look professional as they could adopt an uniform look, which has improved their product appearance and branding.


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