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The Customer

“In Denmark, we have talked and talked about the paperless office for 20 years, but, apparently, it hasn’t been implemented anywhere yet. We are about to change that now.”

The statement is accurate and clear when state-authorised public accountant René Ferrer Ruiz describes the compre-hensive transformation project that the Danish accountancy and consulting firm has undergone.

It’s quite simply a question of digitising the daily paperwork as early in the process as possible – at an individual employee level.

All around 50 employees at Kovsted & Skovgård have a Brother ADS-2800W scanner located on the desk in front of them. Right next to the PC and monitor.

Like many other office-based companies, Kovsted & Skovgård owned one large central machine that has now been replaced by many small wireless scanners.

“We discovered that it was not at all rational to have one central scanner or one large printer and copier with scanning capabili-ties. All too often, the employees queued to use it – and some-times they would even jump the queue, because they were in a hurry,” explains René Ferrer Ruiz.

With the installation of the first Brother ADS-2800W scanner for four employees in the Aarhus office, the accountancy firm launched its digitising project in August 2016. At the end of the year, all the scanners had been enrolled for more than 50 employees. The documents are filed in a CaseWare filing system of the same kind that is prevalent with many accountants in Denmark.

“Brother scanners are easy to use, and they are actually faster than we expected. Once people get used to the routine of scanning documents, completed forms and letters instead of storing them in binders as in the old days, there is, evidentially, time to save,” estimates René Ferrer Ruiz.

Kovsted & Skovgård, where Ruiz is one of the partners, is a medium-sized accountancy firm. The headquarter is in Aarhus, and the firm has offices in Rønde and Ebeltoft.

Kovsted & Skovgård offers both accountancy and financial advice to its clients that are typically small and medium-sized companies in Eastern and Central Jutland. In addition, the firm has clients on the islands of Funen and Zealand among others.

Previously, the accountancy firm used a large central scanner and printer, but during busy periods there were incessant queueing and waiting times. The legislation requires accountants to keep documentation for five years. If everything is on paper, it becomes many meters of binders. For this reason, they must rent external storage space.

“By scanning all the documents that we used to save on paper, we can save tons of paper – and even better – lots of unproduc-tive time. We have calculated that our digitisation can actually save many hundreds of working hours per year,” says René Ferrer Ruiz.

The Challenge

Have one central scanner or one large printer and copier with scanning capabili-ties often ended up with employees queuing to use. Wanted a paperless workflow.

The Solution

By using ADS-2800W Wireless Desktop Scanner, it saves alot of paper and time can be put on more productive work.


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