Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
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The Customer

Emergency medical services (EMS) attend to patients under emergency in Vilnius, Lithuania.

The Challenge

In the past, their ambulances have lack of equipment to withstand temperature change and have a low electrical supply. Their previous printers required high electrical voltage to operate and took up their space required by their medical equipment.

As their ambulances were unable to cater to high-power consumption, all their other devices need to be switched off to operate their printers, resulting in frequent failures and repairs required as their printers’ base plates were often burnt out, jeopardizing their operation.

The Solution

Brother’s PJ-763 mobile printer was chosen to support their operation. With the ability to operate on a rechargeable Li-ion battery with no ink or toner required, PJ-763 mobile printer uses direct thermal printing technology and has a very small footprint.

Medical documents could be printed out quickly on demand for timely submission to the hospital upon arrival. This improved process has reduced clerical errors, increased their productivity and optimized their operation.

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