Rail Carrier
United States of America
Model Number:

The Customer

A large national rail carrier provides passenger train service across USA and Canada with multiple destinations.

The Challenge

Asset management could be very tedious, due to labelling required at various decentralized locations with extensive networks of security cameras. Tracking, managing and labelling were challenging, when each asset comes with an unique identifier, which could be error-prone when come to labelling.

Hence, they need a streamlined solution that could handle these challenges.

The Solution

Their central office can now manage their asset tagging efficiently from their centralized location, with close liaison with their remote stations, using Brother’s PT-E550WVP electronic labeller, Transfer Express app and P-touch Editor software.

If any changes need to be made, they could be arranged quickly using P-touch Editor with their imported database. They could email their database to their location’s receiver, who could download it into PT-E550WVP for printing their asset labels accurately.

With these challenges addressed, over 150 units of PT-E550WVP electronic labellers had been deployed in various locations to handle their asset management.


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