Quest Apartment Hotels
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The Customer

Quest Apartment Hotels has over 150 properties in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji, with the opening of their rst property in the UK occuring in mid-2019. They are primarily located in destinations suited towards the corporate business traveller, including central business districts, suburban and regional areas with close proximity to head of ces, business centres, hospitals and key travel destinations. Quest Apartment Hotels provide a variety of accommodation types including Studios, 1 Bedroom, 2 Bedroom and 3 Bedroom apartments. The company comprises 1000+ staff accessing printers between the Head Of ce in Melbourne and Quest properties; with at least three printers at each property.

The Challenge

A new phone system was deployed around Quest Apartment Hotels - the Fax function on their eet of devices (of another brand) was not compatible with the system. Fax is still an integral part of their work ow and the incompatible devices had an immediate business impact. The replacement devices required this compatibility and needed to be easy to use for their 1000+ staff with varied levels of technical skills. The devices also needed to meet Quests cost requirements and reliability standards to reduce the risk of issues during peak periods.

The Solution

Blue Connections, Quest’s preferred supplier for six years and a Brother Authorised Reseller, introduced Brother into the mix to present a Brother solution to the Fax compatibility requirement which was fundamental to this project. After further assessing their usage requirements; including type, volume, and media size of printing, document scanning requirements, and national support needs, Blue Connections recommended the use of long-lifecycle models for a consistent eet across all properties.

Each new Quest Apartment Hotels property that is commissioned features a new IT con guration that includes; a Brother Professional Monochrome Laser Multi-Function Centre (MFC-L6700DW) which manages the general of ce reporting and copying located at the back desk in reception; a Brother Professional Monochrome Laser Printer (HL-6200DW) at the reception desk which handles customer stay documents and invoicing; and a Brother Professional Colour Laser Printer (HL-L9310CDW) which is located in the back of ce and handles the printing requirements for reporting, yers and marketing collateral for distribution throughout the property. All devices are supplied with both Three Year Onsite Warranties and high-yield toners to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the solution.


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